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The reason I liked it was that. It was important that they were fighting for what they were aiming for. These are the types you say can’t do anything when you look at it. Whatever your potential is, the potential you see in yourself is important and I always like the idea that you can actually do anything with that potential. It is really hard to make an album.

You create your own source, yet you cannot find a producer to release your album. In other words, the desperation of Flirt in the movie is something that many people normally experience… Everyone should take the trouble for what they want. It does not happen without effort, patience and persistence. When I saw his clips, I said ‘How cute guys, let me have salt in the soup’ and accepted the offer. It draws attention with its story fiction equipped with Hollywood perception.

Typing also accompanies this. Akdağ both played a role in the film and shared a long production period in the studio with the group members during the post-production process. The song was presented to the audience as a single on December 12, on all digital platforms.

it is not possible to dislike. we follow flirt with pleasure. nostalgic song 🙂 hokage · complaint. 112rum is a very nice and funny song. Yesterday I watched it on TRT Lyrics: Colombo, Kunta Kinte / Star Trek at our house / Cowboys, Apache / Ceyar, Bobi and Little Co / Maya the Bee.

The second was Mazhar Fuat Özkan, who was the pioneer of Anatolian non-pop Turkish rock music, namely urban rock. The origin of the MFÖ’s vocal music was undoubtedly the Beatles, and polyphonic vocals were indispensable for this group as well. The third is the most important, if not the most famous actors of domestication movement in Turkey was Erkin Koray.

You know from those looks that contain many emotions, where you lock on his pupils in the darkness of the car. Still, things didn’t go as you expected and this guy just disappeared. What have I not been able to do this time? First of all, before moving on to the detailed five-point analysis, there is something I should tell you; There’s no point in being that pessimistic, that’s what you need to know.

Thus, we cannot meet the woman we like, and we lose the game from the very beginning because we cannot take the first step. The truth is that; If we do not act, then the time referred to as the right time will never come. If we don’t take action; that girl we like, that attracts our attention, others can enter her life, others can act before us. And be sure, this situation is very painful. I know it because I have experienced it many times in the past. Therefore, rather than regret it, I recommend that you go and meet the girl you like, even if it will be rejected at any cost.

Life is too short to regret what we could not do, my friend… Do not waste your precious time with the feeling of regret for the things you could not do. Go and do what you want to do at all costs. Now I want to share with you some important techniques you can apply to alleviate this fear of meeting that prevents you from meeting girls.

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