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This page documents a Spanish Wikipedia convention. It is a generally accepted standard that publishers should follow, although common sense should be used and occasional exceptions may apply. Changes made on this page must reflect consensus. When in doubt, discuss your idea on the talk page.

This page is a style guide that describes how to add references to articles. Providing bibliographic sources when editing them is mandatory according to Wikipedia policies, as clearly stated in Wikipedia: Wikipedia is not a primary source and Wikipedia: Verifiability. This implies that any element entered that has been questioned can be deleted by any user.

References to other works are a very important part of the literature of many professions; each of them has designed its own way to include this information in the text, and these have resulted in standardized citation formats. Since the verifiability of information is one of the immovable principles of Wikipedia, it is necessary that articles cite sources to indicate the origin of their content.

Although it would be possible to include all the information from the source juxtaposed to the referenced text, the continuous interruptions would make reading difficult; that is why the references are outlined in a separate section at the end of the text. To indicate precisely from which of the works included in the bibliography the information has been extracted, there are two widely used methods; the most frequent in traditional literature, and still widely used in the human sciences, is to use note calls; Another, more common in scientific literature, is to mention the author and year of the cited work in parentheses using, for example, the so-called Harvard style. In either case, the parenthetical or footnote reference should allow the work cited in the references section to be identified unambiguously.

Although the decision of the original author of an article should be respected, callouts are the preferred system. Note calls, in particular, pose some technical issues, which are discussed in the note calls section below. Remember that, in any case, the most important thing is to include all the necessary information so that the reader can easily find the original source.

The most common way to create an embedded quote is with a footnote. You can create a footnote with wikitext, adding ref tags around your source, like this:

All works consulted must appear in the “References” section, detailed with sufficient precision so that other readers and editors can easily consult them.

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